Regular flossing and brushing aren’t enough to ensure that braces remain clean. From metal bands to archwires, ligatures to brackets, pairs comprises of many parts; therefore proper maintenance and care are vital to avoid unnecessary problems. With braces, it’s crucial that you brush after every meal, however, if you can’t brush use mouth floss or rinse with you. Always remove the elastic band before flossing or brushing. If you are a beginner with braces or you are straining to clean your braces to debris free, then consider using the following orthodontic tools for braces.

Floss Threader

A plastic threader consists of a loop on which you can place a hard point and a stand of floss, which you insert between your gum line and teeth. Then pull the threader all the way through, to position the floss ready to use.


This is a pre-cut stand of floss that has a plastic threaded on one end. Superfloss doesn’t require threading a loop; this makes it simple to use. Superfloss has a spongy section for daily floss for broader space and for cleaning the narrower spaces.

Gum Soft-Picks

It’s made up of flexible, soft rubber bristles, thus making it better into adjoining spaces. For instance like those results due to use of orthodontic appliances.

Air or Water Flossers

Water flossers or air flossers don’t need traditional floss at all — the use either air or water pressure to dislodge plaque and remove food particles from gums and teeth. This method is effective than using traditional floss, and also it helps in massaging the gum line.

Best Toothbrushes for Braces

Braces create room for food debris and plaque food to hide. Therefore it’s crucial to select the right toothbrush specifically meant to clean the crevices and cracks that braces create. An electric toothbrush that has ortho brush head is more preferred because it’s designed to clean braces area gently effectively. Ordinary traditional toothbrushes can be harsh on the hardware of braces. However, an ortho brush safely travels around wires, gumlines, and brackets with a rotating motion that is crucial to your gum health. The proxy brush can also be used it’s designed such that it gets between the necks of teeth; it has a compact triangular-shaped head. Its brush bristles are like a tapered pipe cleaner and are meant for traveling under the wires of the braces on the gumlines. Proxy brushes are the best for flossing and brushing; they are usually found in different sizes.