When we think a person with a perfect body we normally imagine someone super fit, and in the case of men, someone big and brawny. When thinking about the perfect female body though, we often think the opposite; small, thin, delicate and with a wide chest and hip dimensions. If you want to know how to achieve your ideal body, tap to visit this website.

The thing is, this isn’t 100% right. It might sound as a surprise to you, but hitting the gym every day and lifting a lot of weights won’t get you, of anyone, the perfect body dimensions.

So, what are the ideal human body proportions?

First of all, there is no universal proportion for all humans, they’re divided into female proportions and male proportions, and obtaining them isn’t simple, it requires dedication and ambition. The male proportions consist of mainly broad shoulders and hips a little narrower than the shoulders. To achieve this posture though, men have to exercise on a regular basis, drink plenty of water, and have a healthy diet. Lifting small weights every once in a while can help, but lifting an excessive amount of weight can actually be harmful to the body.

Human Body ProportionsWhen it comes to the female body, there’s a lot more flow regarding the dimensions. It’s a little more curved while the male body is squared. The perfect female proportions consist of narrow shoulders and hips wider than the shoulders. A woman doesn’t necessarily have to be incredibly thin, but a thin belly is part of the ideal female proportions. The exact same rules about exercise and diets apply for women since the anatomy of both bodies is the same.

Overall, the human body is a pretty complicated structure, and it requires a lot of attention to keep it in shape. It’s not simple gaining a perfect posture or perfect proportions, but with enough dedication and time, anyone can do it. So, remember to exercise regularly and keep your eating habits healthy, it’s the best thing you can do for your body!