Due to the uniqueness and the combinations of the several services done to give a good look at your smile, a smile makeover cost may vary greatly. There are so many factors that make the cost of your smile makeover to vary a lot. Some of these factors include the level of experience of your dentist and the number of procedures involved in the smile makeover. Also, the cost of treatment may also vary greatly due to the differences in the kind of smile makeover from one patient to the other. If you want to show off that smile of your dreams,you can check the services from Piazza Dental to know more about cosmetic dentistry.

Here are the other factors that determine the cost of a smile makeover:

  • The range of treatment. The treatment of smile makeovers includes a lot of procedures into one treatment. The patient has to undergo these procedures to have that desired smile. The procedures will vary depending on your condition. It may even range from teeth whitening to porcelain crowns and dental bonding. This affects the cost of different patients. In case of any other oral health, the specialist will send you to periodontal care before the makeover. These additional care will automatically raise the cost of your treatment.
  • Experience Level. Most of the dentist that are more trained and experienced will price their services more than the less trained ones. However, it is recommended to seek treatment from an experienced expert because there will be no complications. But from a less trained expert, there might be complications which will cost more cash.
  • Technology Changes. Due to the incorporation of more advanced tools in dentistry, your dentist may charge more money due to the many checks the dentist will do on you with the modern tools. For instance, the dentist may decide to use virtual smile design software to check your teeth before the makeover. These will result in more added cost.
  • Your Location. The cost for smile makeover varies depending on your geographic locations. The same service is charged differently in different locations. For instance, in the rural areas, it is charged less compared to the urban areas.

how much does a smile makeover cost

These are some of the major factors that affect the cost of a smile makeover. For you to have the smile and self-confidence that you require, you must undergo these procedures. Therefore, it is advisable to first consult a dentist who will check your condition and make an estimate for you.