Having the perfect breast is probably almost every woman’s dream. Women who don’t feel they have the breast they want may go through lack of self-esteem. To get that self-esteem back, many women choose to go through various treatments, and the breast implant is one of them.

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Here are several ideas for you to get the perfect breast size for you.

Slim body

If you are rather short in height and rather slim as well, you would probably go for a rather medium size breast. Although it is medium size, you want your breast to be firm and round. Men don’t always go for size, but they sometimes consider shape more important. You don’t want to go over the top by opting for the huge breast with a short and slender body. Some men might find that rather funny instead of sexy.


Well, for those who are well-built, men would normally get attracted to you. Well-built here means you have the perfect body probably every woman wants. Many men would see as smoking hot and sexy. If you do fall into this category, you are really lucky. No matter which breast size you choose, you would look perfectly fine. Should you choose a medium cup, you would look really nice. However, if you choose a larger size, you would probably look even sexier. It depends on what you are looking for. If you want to be hot, you should go for large. But, if you are looking for a decent and normal look, you should probably just go for medium size. By the end of the day, it is the shape that does matter. There is no good in having big breasts if you don’t have the firmness and roundness in your breasts.

Plumpy body type

If you fall into this category, it would be best to get breasts that are rather big. Aesthetically it would look better on you. You probably can’t imagine how awkward you would look if you had small breast with a rather large body. It just wouldn’t look right. You need to understand that your belly needs to be matched by your breast size to give the best look.  Breasts are important for women and their partners. Having good breasts can elevate your romantic relationship with your partner because breasts do matter to men, no matter what they say.