Opalescence is one of the safest and highly reputable teeth whitening procedure around. However, the procedure doesn’t come without its own possible side effects that result from the products used as with any other medical procedure. Although we have dicussed a few things in this article, you may also check at https://www..scottstdental.com.au/teeth-whitening/ to know more opalescence teeth whitening side effects  before you resolve to whiten your teeth.

To name a few, one of the major side effects is tooth sensitivity. You may realize that your teeth become sensitive during or after the whitening process. The teeth become sensitive to cold or hot beverages and can remain sensitive for six to twelve months. They may also be sensitive to sour or other intense flavors. This is as a result of exposure of the enamel, a thin film that covers the teeth. It is good that you seek guidance from a dentist on the best whitening options for your situation.

Soft tissue or gum irritation is another common side effect. Soft tissue irritation causes your gums to appear white after the procedure due to the chemical solutions used. Too much exposure to these solutions may result in inflammation or redness on the gums. Other extreme effects that you may notice on your gums include pain and bleeding. opalescence teeth whitening side effects

Another opalescence teeth whitening side effect is that the procedure may result in undesirable results. The ultimate outcome of this procedure will depend on the preliminary color of your teeth. You may notice a change in the color of your teeth especially if you have heavy internal discoloration on your teeth. Frequent teeth whitening will cause your teeth to appear gray and translucent rather than have the creamy white color you desired.

Before settling on any tooth whitening option, it is good that you find a dentist to access analyze your teeth and advise you on the procedure you should go for that will produce the best results.