Facial feminization surgery is a set of surgical procedures that alter facial features usually considered to be male and give them a more feminine look. The face has many secondary sexual characteristics that greatly distinguish men and women. Some of the most notable difference makers are the shape of the jaw, lips, forehead, and nose. The features on the top third of the face bring the biggest difference.

The majority of patients who seek this kind of treatment are Transgender woman. Next, to sex reassignment surgery it is a very important step in treating gender dysphoria. The surgery is also a way for a cisgendered woman to make their faces more feminine, as well as cross-dressers. The surgery is only available for those whose facial bones have stopped growing. A plastic surgeon’s team will conclude that following a variety of tests.

These are the surgical procedures that usually include a Facial Feminization Surgery:

Hairline correction – average male hairline is M-shaped and higher; it is brought down and rounded

Forehead recontouring – the forehead bone is thinned and reshaped

Brow lift – the male brows are positioned lower. The surgery lifts the higher giving them a female look

facial feminization surgeryOrbit recontouring – female eye sockets are typically smaller and higher on the face     Rhinoplasty – male noses are bigger, wider and longer, the surgery reduces them and lifts the tip of the nose a bit forward to give it a typical female look

Cheek implants – female cheeks are fuller, it is necessary to reshape them, cutting away bones

Lips surgery – male lips are usually thinner, to make them more full an injectable filler is used

Chin contouring – the chin is usually shaved off to make it narrower and shorter

Jaw contouring – the same is done with the jaw, but surgery can also be done on the jaw muscles to make the jaw look smaller

Adam’s apple reduction – through an incision on the throat the thyroid cartridge is shaven off.