Pregnancy is a time when a woman has to be extra safe, even safer than usual. Makeup, as well as other beauty products, are often filled with many chemicals. Those chemicals can cause problems for your skin, maybe even hormones. With a baby on the way, the Melbourne-IVF Staff suggests that it is best to just rely on natural beauty products.

But what does it mean for a product to be natural? A lot of brands market their products as natural or organic, but are they really what they should be? There are many definitions of natural or organic. You do not need to know them all. What you do need to know is what ingredients to watch out for in your natural beauty products.

Soy, as it can affect your estrogen levels, as we as worsen your skin conditions.

Retinoid can be extremely dangerous. Studies have shown that a higher intake in retinoid during pregnancy can increase the chances of your child having birth defects.

natural beauty productsSalicylic acid is not that harmful. But you still have to watch out. Doctors say that you can only use products that have 2% or less salicylic acid in them. Any higher amount can hurt both you and your baby.

Benzoyl Peroxide is more dangerous for you than for your child during pregnancy. It can have many serious side effects such as full-body rashes, fainting, tongue and eye swelling, and blisters.

Parabens have a similar effect as soy. It messes with your estrogen levels. There have been many studies about the concerns of using Parabens during pregnancy. One study has shown that it can even harm the development of the child during pregnancy. It can increase estrogen levels in the offspring. If you are carrying a male child, this can damage his testicles for life. Cognitive damage, as well as birth defects, have also been found during pregnancy.