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Rhinoplasty Surgery – How Much is the Recovery Time?

Rhinoplasty surgery is intended for the reshaping of the nose which changes your appearance and general look, not just that; it additionally corrects the deformations. The inquiry which numerous individuals are worried about is that how much time does it takes for the recovery of the nose work. The response to this inquiry is that it varies from person to another. It’s found that amid the initial twenty-four hours after the surgery you may have some in the nose. You may have a swollen and full face alongside some headache. It’s recommended taking the drug prescribed by your surgeon...

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Treatment for Stretch Marks

The formation of stretch marks take place when our skin starts to grow at a rapid pace but the elasticity is low. They are first seen as white/pink lines and occur when there is a drastic change in muscle mass, pregnancy or tremendous weight gain. The various stretch marks treatment include: Laser Treatment Methods There is no doubt that laser technology is an important part of effective stretch marks treatment. Patients do not feel any kind of discomfort. This treatment uses radio waves that work into the different layers of the skin and stimulate it so that the skin...

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