Breast augmentation surgery is probably one of the most popular and sought-after cosmetic surgery procedures in the whole world. The reason? Because having big boobs is definitely part of the ‘sexy’ equation. Ask any man or woman to describe their ideal body figure of a woman, and surely, their answer would include healthy-looking big boobs. But, despite all the pieces of literature and articles about breast implants and the surgery, there are still some misconceptions about what they are, why they are needed, and how breast implants are used. Here are some important details about breast implants that you need to consider before inquiring about them with your trusted plastic surgeon.


The real purpose of getting breast implants

Breast implants for breast cancerFor many conservative people, getting breast implants is definitely a selfish or narcissistic thing to do. They think that those people are fake and too superficial, always thinking only of their physical appearance to be taken seriously. But did you know that the development of breast implants originated as a reconstructive procedure for patients who survived breast cancer? Yes. Patients who underwent a mastectomy, or the removal of either or both breasts in order to remove the cancer cells, found themselves a bit self-conscious about their looks post-surgery. This issue paved the way for plastic surgeons to find a solution to help them regain their confidence and improve their outlook in life by making them feel like themselves again, or even better. Now, cosmetic surgery adapted that purpose and made it universal – that makes women be allowed to improve or enhance their chest region in a way that would still be proportioned to their body.


What really happens during breast augmentation surgery

If you think that placing breast implants is easy as pie, think again. The whole breast augmentation surgery is a tedious procedure that requires the expertise of a plastic surgeon. It is considered a major operation where general anaesthesia is preferred to be used. Surgical incisions differ depending on the size and shape of the implants. There are also foreseeable risks and complications that may develop after the procedure, so there is no reason for anyone to downgrade this plastic surgery option.


Cheap implants aren’t always best

Some people think that going overseas to get more inexpensive plastic surgery procedures is the best way to go. Considering the high cost of materials and professional fees here in our country, medical tourism is definitely a tempting and practical option one can consider. However, if you want to make sure that your procedure is as safe and effective as the one you can have here in Australia, then it is best for you to choose the services of our reliable plastic surgeons and their clinics than doing it within a holiday getaway package.


Relationship of breast implants and cancer

breast implant consultationAs mentioned earlier, several foreseeable side effects and complications may arise a few years after your breast augmentation surgery, and one of them is the breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). One correction you need to understand about this is that this is not breast cancer; it is a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or the cancer of the lymph nodes (lymphatic system). The connection between the two is still questionable, and ongoing studies are still confirming how breast implants can cause this type of cancer. But basically, people who have breast implants may have an increased risk of developing this cancer in the fluid or scar tissue surrounding the implant.


Breast implants do not last forever

One of the misunderstood perks of getting breast augmentation is the notion that the implants will only be replaced if they burst. However, the truth is, all plastic surgeons recommend their patients to have their implants replaced when they hit the 5 to 10-year mark. Many factors affect this predicament:

  • Your skin’s elasticity changes so the placement may change
  • Your breast implant may become loose or misshapen as time passes
  • Pregnancies and other life events may make your implants unsuitable for your breasts as they change
  • Complications can cause discomfort and tightness (capsular contracture)

If any of these reasons happen to you, or before they do, make sure that you have had your detailed consultation with your plastic surgeon about your options and what you need to do in order to monitor your breast health and the integrity of the implants. Regular mammography and imaging like MRI or CT scan of the breasts may be recommended.