A smooth neck enhances the overall appearance of a person. A cosmetic neck surgery involves creating a firmer and a more refined look to the neck and chin. Cosmetic neck surgery deals with removing the excess skin from the neck, removing fat from the neck through liposuction, injection of Botox and injection of Kybella that helps in removing the excess fat under the chin. Other techniques for the neck are lasers, radiofrequency, intense pulsed light, and fillers.

In order to have neck surgery, you must be in good health and have consulted your doctor in advance.

A cosmetic neck surgeon will use two approaches either to remove the sagging skin or to reshape the chin. Liposuction is the removal of excess fat and it is done by cutting the skin below the chin to remove the excess fat. This cannot improve skin sagging.

cosmetic neck surgeryToo much skin on your neck can be trimmed and the place lifted into place by stitching or by the use of the tissue glue. The doctor will give the instructions on taking care of the stitches and bandages.

If you are bothered by sagging skin or loose skin on the neck, neck lifting surgery is better for you. Neck lifting can be done by removing the excess skin or tightening the loose neck muscles. Cosmetic neck surgeons will do one of this to tighten and eradicate the problem of sagging neck skin. In neck lifting the surgeon will make an incision behind the ear and another one underneath the chin and then he or she will tighten the neck muscles and may remove the sagging skin. The recovery time will depend on the patients and how well the surgery was successful.

To enhance the appearance of your neck if you are tired of the sagging skin and excess skin on the neck, consult your doctor and will give you the instructions and help you choose the best neck surgery for you.