Cosmetic surgery is a surgery made on an individual’s body part of preference, with an aim of improving his or her appearance. But regardles of  the high qualifications of  medical professionals, or their strict regulation to wear disposable surgical gowns to prevent infection, well known, everything  still has a consequence. It is therefore important to be cautious and understand the side effects before making an appointment to the surgery. This article will help you know the cosmetic surgery pros and cons.

Cosmetic Surgery Pros and Cons

Pros of Cosmetic Surgery

1. It helps to improve your appearance .

It is a fact that anyone considering to undergo a cosmetic surgery is not contented with his or her look. The main aim of cosmetic surgery is to improve your physical appearance. During the surgery, your natural appearance is aligned with the end result of an improved version of you. However, some cosmetic surgeries like liposuction have both physical and health benefits.

2. Improve self-confidence

Enhanced appearance results to an improved confidence or self esteem. Cosmetic surgery works magic on an individual’s self esteem as well as his social life.

3. Improved meantal health

More often than not, low self esteem results to stress or depression, which are risk factors to your mental health. Therefore, cosmetic surgery helps to boost your self esteem as well as mental health.

4. It has a permanent or long lasting effect

Unlike other methods of self enhancement, cosmetic surgery has a permanent or long term effect. It helps to eliminate the fear of getting back to the old self any time sooner.

Cons of Cosmetic Surgery cosmetic surgery pros and cons

1. It is expensive

Cosmetic surgery is an expensive procedure. The surgery cost is expensive and not affordable to every interested party. The process of maintaining the new look is also expensive.

2. It is highly addictive

Cosmetic surgery is addictive. I mean, after the first successive enhancement, you might develop urge for more surgeries. It also develops body dysmorphic disorder, where you repetitively find flaws on your look, developing urge for further surgeries.

3. Uncertainty

One great disadvantage of cosmetic surgery is uncertainty. I mean, after the expenses and pain, you are not fully assured that the surgery outcome will be as expected.

4. Health risks

Cosmetic surgery can bring health complications. During the surgery, an error can occur and interfere with the other body parts bringing more health complications. Additionally, the type of anesthesia used can react with the body bringing health complications or even death.

It is therefore important to research well and find the best cosmetic surgeon to avoid complications.