Being healthy and fit is a dream goal for each one of us and yet some of us fail to realize how important oral hygiene is. Oral hygiene is not just about glossy white teeth, strong gums, and a clean tongue. The food particles often get caught in between and corners of our teeth attracting the bacteria which then feed on the food that is stuck in between our teeth causing various dental problems like plaque, bleeding gums, and cavities.

To prevent this, it is very important we maintain a oral hygiene which includes our basic chores like brushing twice a day, flossing, tongue cleaning and a timely visit to the dentist. Below we will explain the use of some dental tools we saw during a visit to a modern dental clinic in Ashfield during a dental check-up.

denta tools in man's mouthMouth Mirror: As the name suggests, this device is simply a mirror that is useful in finding a tooth decay in the corners of the mouth that are difficult to reach.
Sickle Probe: The function of this device is to help to find signs of cavities and gum diseases. It is also used to scrape off plaque & tartar.
Scaler: This device is effective in the removal of the greater quantity of plaque buildup.
Dental Syringe: The dental syringe is used to numb your mouth so that the dentist can continue the treatment without making it painful for you. It does sound scary but it will numb the area even before you will the pain.
Dental Drill: The name itself can scare the daylights out of someone but there is nothing to be scared of. A dental drill is an electric device that shoots water in your mouth and it is the most effective way to get rid of tooth decay before filling the cavity.

These are some basic dental tools used by a dentist and they are not harmful at all. The dentists are the experts and in their hands, these tools are only going to help you get healthier. So make sure you include a timely stop by at the dentist in your schedule!