Nobody wants to have yellowish, stained teeth. And nobody will say that someone’s teeth are attractive with stains and discolorations visible on them, right? So, there are a lot of people who turn to teeth whitening procedures to help improve their looks and smile and make your teeth bright white. But let’s admit it; teeth whitening procedures, especially done by professionals are very expensive. So what do practical users do? Search for cheaper alternatives. In comes products like whitening toothpaste, gels, strips, and bleach. While most of them promise safety and efficiency, let us discover do teeth whitening strips work the way they should?

The main ingredient that most teeth whitening strips have is the bleach content. This may be in the form of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These are included in the strips in FDA-approved doses or levels to ensure that the product can be safely used by the patient alone and without professional supervision. Because most patients would rather do them on their own to save money, providing quality products that are safe and effective is very important.

Do teeth whitening strips work: The process


How do you use teeth whitening strips?

This is a general instruction in using teeth whitening strips. It is always best to read the manual of the product literature to know which is the best way to use a product.

Prepare your teeth for the procedure. Clean, floss, and wife your teeth but never brush. This will avoid further unnecessary irritation that you may cause your teeth to have due to your rigorous and aggressive brushing.

Apply the strips. When you open a single packet, you may notice that there are two strips available and are attached to a plastic film. Gently remove each strip, place the side attached to the plastic, and put it on the outer surface of your lower teeth. If there are still some left, carefully fold it and place it on the inner part near the tongue. Repeat this to the other strip for the upper teeth. Let it stay there for as long as the product intends for you to leave it attached.

Brush your teeth after the procedure. Remove the strips after the specified time, and brush your teeth to remove the whitening gel or product from the strips. The results that you can notice will be in full bloom after 2-3 days and may continue to do so depending on how you care and maintain your teeth.

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Do teeth whitening strips work?

Although there are well-known home remedies that you can follow to somehow whiten your teeth, other teeth whitening products still looks promising in reaching the same goal. Of the numerous brands and products that are available in the market today for whitening strips, only four stood out as effective and economical. They have different brands and different preparations ( two are whitening strips and the others are gel-types), and they perform all the functions that a regular in-office teeth whitening procedure can do as well. Although some say that wearing whitening strips are a bit uncomfortable, some dentists claim that they are more effective than whitening pens and gels. Why? Because the bleaching agent is far more in contact when using the strips than the other options.


How to keep safe while using whitening strips?

Follow the instructions. Different brands make different preparations, so it is very important to read their instructions and follow them to avoid sensitivity and gum irritation.

Consult your dentist. If you think whitening strips would work best for you, it is never wrong to ask for a second opinion from your dentist. He may have a better suggestion on how to make your teeth whiter and more beautiful, so always put their recommendations on top of your list.

Research. Online reviews and feedbacks from previous users of teeth whitening products really answer the question, do teeth whitening strips work? Be patient in researching for the best and consult your dentist if they are indeed suitable for your needs.