Skin rash is a vast term. It refers to any infections or external anomaly, which infects the skin. The common rashes are hives, poison ivy, and eczema, which are caused by fungus, bacteria, parasite or virus. Skin rashes should be treated as per the skin texture, after an individual’s skin diagnosis. There are several creams and lotions recommended by dermatologist to cure the rashes. Since these creams and lotions are chemically manufactured, many people later developed side effects from them. Thus, now dermatologists and people are concentrating more on natural extracts that is essential oil. They recommend using essential oils along with the lotion to cure skin rashes.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are a concentrated liquid extract from plants, which can easily evaporate at normal temperatures. The essential oil is termed essential as it has the essence of a plant’s fragrance from which it is extracted. It has been found that essential oils work well against most skin rashes as they contain anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant properties. With these properties, the essential oil works wonder naturally and heal the rashes.

Can essential oils be used by all?

Although they are natural, there is no guarantee that all oils suit every individual. The oil is to be first tested on a small portion of the skin. If the extract is from the plant and in case you have an allergy, then it shouldn’t be used. It has been found that some essential oils bring irritation to the skin. The oil which has a high concentration of phenol or aldehydes result in irritation.

How to apply them? essential oils for skin rash

Essential oils should not be put in the concentrated form. Dilute it with other oil or lotion. While choosing the oil or the lotion, always choose the ones that are easily absorbed by the skin. After dilution, apply the prepared portion on the affected area and massage lightly.

Some popular essential oils

Chamomile – for treating against skin rashes

Geranium – for strengthening skin

Lavender – for smoothening and cooling skin

Sandalwood – for protecting and moisturizing skin

Peppermint – for soothing against itch

Eucalyptus – for cooling, used as antiseptic

Essential oils are very useful and have healing power. As these are natural, they have very few side effects. However, if you feel irritation after using, then it is highly recommended to switch to other oils or consult your doctor immediately.