Are you complacent that you can lessen the risk of dental caries just because you’re drinking diet sodas and not those typical types? Do you feel confident because you think your teeth are healthier than your friend’s because yours is whiter? In the field of family and cosmetic dental care, misconceptions are usually discussed because they are common. Dental students who have their dental practice located near Cherrybrook, NSW are fully aware that following a false belief in teeth whitening can end up with unwanted results.

Misconceptions are dangerous. It’s that false belief that people think they’re properly doing it, only to find out that they’re not, once they see their oral cavity deteriorating. To prevent you from believing wrong information, the field of family and cosmetic dental care debunks some myths in dentistry.

Myth #1 – Dental Braces Are Only for Kids

While it’s a fact that a lot of teenagers undergo orthodontic treatment for teeth straightening purposes, adults can also benefit from braces. Thankfully, those traditional metallic braces are no longer the only option for today. Technology has helped developed removable and invisible braces known as Invisalign. This type can straighten your teeth without the need to suffer disturbed body image. Go see your orthodontist if you’re qualified for an invisible brace.

Myth #2 – Bleeding Gums when Brushing Your Teeth is Normal

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It’s never normal to see blood once you spit on the sink while brushing your teeth. If you’re experiencing this, you may be experiencing gingivitis. You need to see your dentist right away. Otherwise, you’re at risk of developing severe gum disease and other oral cavity problems which may be irreversible.

Myth #3 – Whiter Means Healthier Teeth

This is another common misconception. Just because you have that bright radiant smile doesn’t mean that your teeth are in good condition. In many cases, possible infections and tooth decay start to form at the inner part of the tooth, hence, making it difficult for the person to notice it. This is why a regular visit to a dentist is essential.

With regular visits, like every six months, your dentist can perform a routine checkup. Through an x-ray procedure, early signs of oral problems can be noted and future and more serious complications can be prevented.

Myth #4 – Baby or Primary Teeth Don’t Need Care Since They’ll Fall Out Anyway

Many parents believe that primary teeth don’t have to be cared that much, knowing that they’ll eventually fall. What these parents don’t know is that the condition of the permanent teeth once they erupt will rely heavily on the condition of the baby teeth. Severely damaged baby teeth can result to permanent teeth that will only partially erupt or wrongly position.

Myth #5 – Diet Sodas are Recommended for Better Teeth

While it’s a fact that diet sodas contain lower amounts of sugar which can trigger cavities, they still are highly acidic. Acidic food and drinks can lead to tooth enamel deterioration, resulting to cavities, tooth loss or sensitive teeth. A glass of clean water is still way better than sodas.