Having healthy teeth is exciting. Even though brushing your teeth daily is important, it will not achieve the sparkling teeth you desire. Dental professionals, therefore, recommend that you clean your teeth professionally at least twice a year. And the healthiest way of cleaning your teeth is by using the professional dental tools for cleaning teeth. If you’re looking for quality oral care tools, Critical Dental is one of the largest suppliers of dental materials for your oral hygiene needs. Meanwhile, these are the four dental tools for cleaning teeth which are commonly used by dental professionals.

Dental Mirrors

Dental mirrors are significant in dental cleaning. They reveal the interior of the teeth. So that the professional can see where the calculus deposits are formed in the teeth.

Some of the mirrors can magnify images. And this helps to spot the tiniest deposit on the teeth.


Probes are made of metals. And have the shape of a hook. Dental professionals use them to check the gum and Ascertain its health and the depth around each tooth.

The Probes come in various types and each one addresses a specific oral issue.

Scaler dental tools for cleaning teeth

The scalers are applied to scrape off the calculuses and plagues. They are the actual teeth cleaning tools. It is made of metal. And have a sharp and that reaches above the gum line, and a blunt end that takes care of below the gum line. This instrument scrapes off every tiny deposit on any part of the teeth.


The polishers are used to make the teeth sparkle. After removing the calculus and plaques, the polishers are applied to polish the teeth and make them shine as white as snow. They buff up every nook and cranny of the teeth and the whole teeth become pure and bland. Tartars and plaque won’t be able to find comfortable abode in the teeth afterward.


When next you hit the dental clinics. Look out for these tools. You’ll find an array of them in the tray of your dental professional.Rest in ease, your professional will attend to your teeth in the best way. And you’ll have brighter and healthier teeth.