Breast enlargement in men can occur at any age and one may decide to go for gynecomastia surgery which will result in breast reduction by removing excess breast tissue. Considering for gynecomastia treatment, one has to determine the cost that they will incur for the whole procedure so as to budget on the same. This article will give you an idea of  the average  gynecomastia treatment cost but if you wanna be certain and you know a surgeon who does the treatment, call them today. There’s no better than getting a quote after a consult.

Gynecomastia treatment cost is estimated to be between $3,000 and $14,000 on average and this is highly dependent on various factors among them being;
•Consultations fees
•Laboratory tests
•Medications and type of surgical instruments used
•The type of Surgical procedure and hospital costs
•Post-surgery care and follow up visits

Consultation fee

The cost of seeing a gynecomastia surgeon will vary depending on the type of surgeon and level of experience.
During the consultation, the doctor will get to evaluate the general health and establish a treatment plan in line with the evaluation.

Laboratory tests

Lab tests such as blood tests, tissue biopsies and imaging tests such as CT scans, MRI scans and ultrasounds may be taken before the procedure is done to determine the cause of breast enlargement so as to determine the type of treatment and this tends to increase the cost associated with the procedure.

Medication and surgical apparatus used

During the surgical procedure, medications such as anaesthesia are administered to reduce discomfort associated with the procedure. Depending on the type of anaesthesia chosen either local or general anaesthesia, the costs will vary. If pain medications are required, then the cost will increase.

If a special type of surgical instruments required for the procedure, then the cost is likely to increase.

Type of surgical procedure

There are two main procedures used in gynecomastia treatment and the choice of the procedure varies depending on the patient’s condition. They include;

•Liposuction technique that is used on enlarged breasts as a result of fatty tissue. The procedure involves making small incisions on the breast surface followed by insertion of a cannula through the incisions loosening the fat which is then removed by use of vacuum suction. gynecomastia treatment cost

•Excision technique involving removal of excess skin from the breast tissue, reducing the size of the areola and repositioning the nipple.

If one decides to have both procedures, the cost will be higher compared with having only one of the procedure.

Post-surgery care and follow up visits

After the surgical procedure, care of the surgical area is necessary including dressing of the incisions to avoid infection during the recovery period. Depending on the recovery period and the number of follow up visits to ensure no complications are arising, the cost will vary with increasing cost with more follow up visits.

To reduce the total gynecomastia treatment cost, one may consider taking a health insurance cover that will take care of some of the costs.