Who would pass up on the opportunity to make their smile even more beautiful and brighter? You can say that having perfectly straight and healthy teeth are enough to show off that radiant smile, but wouldn’t a teeth whitening procedure be a must-have to complete your overall look? So many teeth whitening procedures are available in and out of your dentist’s office, but you are more curious about having what they call laser teeth whitening. How much does laser teeth whitening cost? How does it work? Let us know more about the cost of laser teeth whitening procedure, its risks and benefits, and other teeth whitening options.


Laser teeth whitening

What is laser teeth whitening? How much does laser teeth whitening cost? How is it different from the other in-office or take-home teeth whitening procedures that we have? These are just some of the common questions patients would have if they see that their dentist also offers laser teeth whitening on top of so many teeth whitening options. Well, the best way to know how this is different is to define and know how it works.

Laser teeth whitening is a procedure that uses laser light to activate the effects of the bleaching product. The biggest misconception about laser teeth whitening is that the laser makes your teeth white. No, this procedure still uses a bleaching chemical, usually peroxide-based, which is activated by the laser light. So, reiterate, the bleach is still the one that does the whitening, and the laser just intensifies that effect.


How does laser teeth whitening work?

laser teeth whiteningAs we all know, teeth whitening done by professionals use higher amounts of bleach compared to store-bought DIY ones. Your dentist would prepare your teeth and gums for the procedure by putting cheek retractors and rubber shields for your gums so only the teeth will be exposed to the bleach. Once the chemical is applied, a laser machine will then be placed near your mouth and stay there for less than an hour. The heat from the laser light activates the bleach to get better and faster results.


How long does laser teeth whitening last?

The effects of laser teeth whitening, like any other whitening procedures, would depend on how severe the discoloration of your teeth was, your lifestyle, and your oral hygiene. If you are fond of eating and drinking food and drinks that may discolor your teeth, the effect of the procedure would not last your half a year. Also, if you do not regularly care for your teeth, the improvement will be useless and you are exposing yourself to more chances of developing tooth decay. But if you really preserve and care for your bright and radiant pearly whites, expect that the effects of the procedure may last you up to a year.


How much does laser teeth whitening cost?

As you all are aware of, right now, no dental regulatory committee has a take on how much a dentist would ask his patients to pay for a specific procedure or treatment. So it is difficult to give an exact cost quotation with answering the question, how much does laser teeth whitening cost. The location and expertise of the dentist, as well as your overall dental health, may affect the cost, so it is still advisable to consult your dentist so he can give you a definite estimation of how much it would cost. Insurance also would not help you because most dental insurance companies would not cover cosmetic dental procedures, like teeth whitening. However, for the sake of giving you’re a rough estimate, we researched on some dental establishments and found out that you would have to give a budget of approximately $1000 per treatment session, and it is found out that an average of 2-3 sessions would be needed to achieve your dream smile.