A weight loss program is composed of several factors that will help the individual achieve their desired weight and physique. The rowing machine is one of the few things in the gym that serves as a cardio workout effective for losing weight. But some people do not know how to use the rowing machine which often leads to injuries. Visit their online store: waterrowingmachine.com.au to see how a rowing machine works and why it is an essential exercise machine.


Understanding Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is a piece of gym equipment with a sliding seat that focuses on strengthening the muscles by the means of rowing. This machine contains handles and foot braces that will serve as supports while the user is rowing. It has plenty of benefits for people who are aiming to achieve their weight loss goals and increase their endurance at the same time.

man working outIdeally, beginners can use this machine at least 3 times a week with rest days in between. If you are exercising for the sake of staying healthy, a 30-minute use of the rowing machine will do just fine. But if you are training to lose weight or train, you might need to do more.


How To Use The Rowing Machine

There are several ways to use the rowing machine. Each technique focuses on strengthening different parts of the body.

    • Leg isolation – sit on the sliding seat and keep your back straight and lean back a little, hold the oar with an extended arm and bent knee as your feet are strapped on the foot braces. When you get in position, push back by using your legs while keeping your arms extended the entire routine.
    • Arm isolation – to strengthen your arms, sit on the sliding chair, and keep your legs extended. You may choose to either lean back thoroughly or keep your back straight. Grasp the oar and pull the handle by using force from your upper back.
    • Combined techniques – to fully engage your core, arms, legs, and back, you may do the above-mentioned methods altogether. Just sit on the sliding seat, grip the oar firmly, and lean back. Pushback yourself by using your legs, when your legs reached its extended position, pull the oar with your upper back and slide back to the front.

Things to Consider

Remember that it’s important to maintain a correct posture in using the rowing machine. Try to engage your upper back muscles and do not use your shoulder to exert force. Practice the synchronization of your movement to prevent injuries.

Another thing to consider in using the rowing machine is to pull the oar just around your chest area. Pulling it too much that it reaches your face means that you are wasting too much energy.

One of the most common mistakes that people do when using this machine is not knowing the proper way to engage their legs. Remember to keep both of your knees aligned to each other as you slide back and forth.

Do not forget to strap your feet as well, this is an important part of the machine that keeps your feet in place and helps you execute the routine without a hassle. This will also prevent your knees from bending improperly.


Benefits of Using The Rowing Machine

Now that you know how to use the rowing machine, let us discuss the several benefits of using this exercise machine. You might be surprised how great this exercise machine works.

  1. Beneficial aerobic exercise. Cardio is an important part of all fitness programs. It improves stamina, agility, cardiovascular health, and the immune system. Using a rowing machine to complete your aerobic exercise will help you finish off with a better mood and sleep quality as well.
  2. Weight loss. Since it’s an effective cardio workout, the rowing machine can help you lose weight and gain strength at the same time. It does not only burn calories but it also tones your engaged muscles making your physique more aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Full body workout. This exercise machine will let you engage your upper and lower body as well. You will be exerting force by using your arms, legs, back, and core, that is why your whole body will benefit from it.
  4. Safe to use. This is considered a low impact exercise which means people with pre-existing injuries and problems with joints can use it without any complication.
  5. Easy to operate. The machine itself is self-explanatory. Once you see a rowing machine, you will immediately understand how it works.

There are no excuses as to why we cannot exercise. The rowing machine for example is an easy-to-use machine that only requires minimal time for us to be able to maximize its full benefits.