What do celebrities like Madonna, Elijah Wood, Chris Martin, Anna Paquin, and Eddie Murphy have in common? Yes, aside from the popularity, fame, and wealth, they all have gapped teeth. For them, it has become a signature look, but for most dentists, it can be solved by front teeth gap bonding. Not everyone has gaps between their teeth due to chipping or cracking of their teeth, some are just naturally spaced out a bit more from one another. If you’re interested to know more about this procedure, you can visit MyHM Dentist near The Ponds offers cosmetic teeth bonding.

Front teeth gap bonding: How does it work?

If you are concerned about the look of your teeth every time you smile in public, your dentist may recommend front teeth gap bonding, a procedure called diastema. A tooth-colored resin is used as a filling agent to cover the gap between two teeth, usually the two front ones. If there is damage to the teeth, your dentist may opt to clean and put a filling first before sculpting an additional filling to look like your teeth are close together.

Things to consider about diastema

front teeth gap bondingIt is not an orthodontic treatment. Using gap bonding is different from straightening your teeth, especially if you have overcrowded teeth. Diastemas may cause your teeth to look straight and aligned, but you still need to visit your orthodontist to solve your bite and crooked teeth problems.

The material used in diastema is not the same as your teeth composition. So lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking colored drinks especially coffee and tea can easily stain your bonding. Because it is not a permanent part of your teeth, the discoloration may separate from your real teeth, making your smile look worse than just gapped and yellowish.

The gap banding is not strong enough to handle normal teeth pressure. So if you are used to exerting pressure on your front teeth before, like eating hard foods or using your teeth is other non-food activities, chances of chipping and breaking your gap bonding are high.