People often ask, “Is Periodontitis contagious?” which is normal if you are someone who is guilty of sharing their personal dental products to someone or for other reasons. It is a very interesting question since it’s often something people may ignore or neglect. It may be awkward to kiss someone that you love knowing that you have bacteria and plaque buildup going on in your mouth. Worried about your gum disease spreading to other people? If you are interested in knowing more about this dental problem, Toothsome Periodontics in Chatswood advises for a dental checkup before getting any surgery and determining symptoms for Periodontitis.

When To Know If Its Periodontitis

What makes my gum disease categorized as periodontitis? A severe case of gingivitis and continuous recurring problems such as bleeding, chronic pain, and other mouth problems may already indicate that you have Periodontitis. There are also stages of this disease that can worsen if untreated. Periodontitis may come in different symptoms but knowing that there are certainties in having this disease will help separate it from other oral diseases. Symptoms of having this disease will include bad breath not going away, discoloration of gums, gum receding, serious gum bleeding and tooth easily pulled out. Your dentist may be able to help diagnose this by doing an x-ray and scheduled appointment for a thorough checkup.

In Reality

is periodontitis contagious

There might be some instances that you would share your personal toothbrush, spoon or fork, or even your drink to your partner. While that might be a romantic gesture, it can also give your partner a heavy dose of your own health problem. Any bacterial or virus problems, infections or diseases can be spread through mouth contact, saliva transferring, or exposure of pathogens to other people. In fact, HIV is one of the critical diseases that can be passed via kissing or just drinking from your loved one’s cup. Is periodontitis contagious for your kids? Yes, it sadly is also something to look out for. Your kids may oftentimes want to ask for your toothbrush or will get your utensils while eating so pay attention whenever you’ll have your meal. Consider getting your oral hygiene fixed and your worries such as sharing personal items may lessen.

Remedies for Periodontitis

Dental care has never been better thanks to the revolutionary invention of treatments and dental tools for fixing oral hygiene problems. Regular dentist visits are a must for your periodontitis to be detected at an early sign. Brushing your teeth without bumping your gums will not cause it to bleed and have scars or cuts. Flossing should be done properly, carefully picking out that nasty dirt and particles in between your gums and teeth. Gargling with a mouthwash will totally flush all the remaining excess particles and kill germs and bacteria buildup as well. Surgery may be needed if the problem has already gone to its worst-case scenario. Being prepared for your surgery can help not just you but your surgeon in pointing out what needs to be taken care of first. Avoiding serious problems that can help determine your answers to questions such as “is periodontitis contagious” will definitely help in the long run.