Every day we face certain challenges in our life. It is a big impact if it involves our friends or family. However, the most important thing is taking care of your own health. Sometimes, it is inevitable to have these accidents and risks. If you have suffered from a recent car crash, or cancer that involves your jaw and teeth, it is better to find the right people to help you. Don’t lose hope, as modern medical and dental technology is here to stay.  Get consultation about the benefits of maxillofacial prosthetics after accidents or birth defects.

What Is Maxillofacial Prosthetics?

Different dental surgeries and services are available today for patients who are suffering from major facial anatomy problems. Through maxillofacial prosthetics, it is possible to reconstruct both the upper and lower jaws. The procedure involves the replacement of both the head and neck foundation. There is also additional dental prosthesis involved for severe problems such as acquired speech defects, or neck deformities There are multiple disciplines and specializations involved in the process. Head and neck oncology, plastic surgery, congenital malformation, and speech repair are some of these. This type of surgery involves not just a specific doctor but ENT specialists, plastic surgeons, or oncologists are in the operation as well. Some medical facilities and hospitals already practice multi specialties to treat this issue.

How Does It Help A Patient?

Persons with maxillofacial issues can benefit from maxillofacial prosthetics. There are two types to categorize the defects. These types are called intraoral and extraoral maxillofacial defects. Body parts such as the mandible jaw, hard and soft palate, as well as the tongue,  is specifically for intraoral defects. Extraoral defects, on the other hand, involves the head and neck, even up to the eyes or other parts near the mouth and jaw.

Improved speech

Commonly, the trauma that maxillofacial prosthetics cure is around the mouth and neck.  Patients that have problems in their speech can get the surgery to improve their speech problems as well as align their jaws. Fractured bones can cause the movement of the jaw and mouth to be limited. This problem is corrected through the use of neck braces and additional reconstructive surgery of the jaw.

Visual Aesthetics

Oftentimes, an individual with a cleft lip or palate may also need the maxillofacial prosthetics. In relation to the abovementioned information, persons with cleft lip or palate may also improve their speech through this surgery. In addition, the person will see the effects of the reconstruction as natural and a success.

Correction of Misaligned or Broken Teeth

Surgery For Maxillofacial Prosthetics

Accidents that break the jaw definitely will also break teeth. A person that seeks alignment of their dental ailment may find maxillofacial prosthetics good news. In fact, dental implants are also maxillofacial prosthetics. So you can ask your doctor for the available dental services to replace your missing or crooked teeth.

How To Cope-Up With Maxillofacial Trauma

In case you are one of the victims of accidents or oral cancer, we are here to help. Doctors may also conduct mental health and psychology sessions for those in maxillofacial trauma. Anxiety is one of the main issues that patients face when it comes to their visual appearance due to this problem. The good news is that you can rely on your family or friends for help. In addition, professional help is good for you, so don’t limit yourself to what you think is ugly. Accept the change and do what you think is best for you.