Cosmetic surgery has become a common thing over the last 30 years and some people treat it as a regular procedure, much like visiting the dentist or having your hair cut.

Facelifts (or rhytidectomy) is one of the procedures many people choose to have, and in 2018 there were 121,531 facelifts performed in the United States alone. 80,034 of those were aged over 55 and only 2,234 were under the age of 40. This is a staggering statistic which shows that facelifts are more popular as we get older.

mini face liftThe statistics also show that 109,514 of those procedures were on females, which is just over 90% of the total procedures.

A facelift is performed to tighten up the face and reduce sagging skin and its effects will last five to seven years.

There are now mini facelifts available which are less invasive and leaves minimal scarring, and costs considerably less than having a full facelift. A full facelift will cost approximately $7,000 – $15,000, whereas a mini facelift will cost approximately $3,500 – $6,500. The downside is that they last two to five years, but given the lower cost it would give you a chance to try it first before forking out much more for a full facelift.

A mini facelift has the same effect as a full facelift but is done in a different way.

mini face liftA facelift will see you getting cuts above the hairline and under the chin, and the skin from your face being pulled backward and upwards before stitching it in the correct position. A bandage must also be worn to reduce bruising and swelling.

It is far less evasive, less painful and has a much speedier recovery time, as bio-compatible wires are threaded under the skin and tightened to lift the face and Botox is used in some areas. Dermal fillers and hyaluronic acid are then injected to your face to fill out the skin and give it that plump look. Skin rejuvenation injections are also applied.

Given mini facelifts considerably low cost compared to a full facelift and that it is less evasive with less recovery time, it stands to reason that they are the more cost-effective of the two.