Especially when school season is coming, parents of children prepare for a lot of things — payments for tuition, books and school supplies. But one thing that parents usually overlook is preparing for the child’s oral care kit. By putting together the necessary things your child needs, you can be assured that his or her oral cavity is well-taken care of, not to mention giving that bright, radiant smile. For relevant information you can check or you can continue reading the article.

Nevertheless, you can’t just put a toothbrush and toothpaste to your child’s oral care kit. You need to consider some factors and the most important would be his or her age.

Ages 5 to 8

Just like toilet training, kids at ages five to eight would usually know how to properly brush their teeth if the parents taught them before they entered schooling. But just because they know how doesn’t mean they can use any kind of toothbrush or toothpaste.

At this age, there’s a possibility that the child may still dislike toothpaste with a strong taste. Therefore, look for something mild and friendly to his or her teeth and other areas of the oral cavity. While flossing is already important at this age, kids at this age may still have difficulty doing it. You might want to give them flossers so it would be convenient for them. In summary, here are the things you should put inside an oral care kit.

  • Brand new toothbrush and changing it every quarter
  • Mild-flavored toothpaste such as those designed for kids only
  • Flossers would be a good idea to assist the child

Of course, always remember to include a regular dental visit on the child’s oral care routine. Take your kid to the dentist days or weeks before the school starts and instill to the child the importance of having a regular checkup.

It’s also a good idea to provide a sticker chart to the child. This can include a reward if the kid can properly care for his or her teeth. But make sure the reward is not something sweet.

Ages 9 to 12

oral care kit

As the child reaches puberty, applying proper oral hygiene becomes more challenging to you as the parent and to him or her as the child. With puberty comes more “tricky” personal care, such as wearing a deodorant. This is another time to emphasize the importance of oral hygiene.

As the child grows up, his or her preferences on food and drinks will also change; so as the taste for dental hygiene products. Here’s what you can give:

  • Battery-powered toothbrush. A smaller head is preferable. Find the color of his or her choice.
  • The child’s choice of toothpaste. His or her favorite flavor would do.
  • Floss or flossers
  • A small travel pouch which can carry all the oral care supplies your child is carrying

As a parent, it’s also your responsibility to ensure that everything inside the oral care kit of your child is 100% functional. Check it from time to time and replace anything that needs to be replaced.