Nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, is a common plastic surgery procedure in North America. This procedure can come in many different forms such as making the nose bigger or smaller as well as changing the shape of the nose’s bridge area, nostril size, length and more. Many people have undergone or wish to undergo nose surgery. That being said, however, the fact is that a nose job can be a bit on the expensive side in North America. The average price for nose surgery in the United States, for example, is about $4500.00 and up. For this reason, many people choose to go to other countries in order to get nose surgery. This phenomenon has been called medical tourism and is done largely to save money as certain. It is quite popular in countries like Bali. Now, are you curious about nose surgery in Bali? Hold that thought for a moment as there are other countries that offer a significantly lower price for nose surgeries. Here are some nose surgery costs overseas.


For medical tourists who want to take a trip to Asia, then the beautiful country of Thailand is the best choice. Thailand is located in the Southeast part of the continent of Asia. This small country is known for its small plastic surgery costs which, for nose surgery, can be as low as just $625.00. nose surgery cost


Medical tourists who are looking for a trip to Europe for their nose surgery, then there is no need to look further than the gorgeous country of Hungary. Hungary is located in the central part of the continent of Europe. In Hungary, a nose surgery can cost as little as $2200.00.


The most popular destination for medical tourists is the amazing country of Brazil. Brazil is known for many things and plastic surgery is very high on that list. Brazil is located on the eastern edge of the continent of South America. Plastic surgery is so common in Brazil that a nice nose surgery cost is only $1750.00.