Remedial massages bring wonders to one’s body. Due to the benefits it provides, more and more individuals today regularly visit their favorite spa. In fact, the number of people who are curious also start to try remedial massage. So what is really in this kind of massage that the society is craving for it? Let’s talk about its benefits.

Aside from the fact that remedial massages make you feel better, it still has a wide range of healthy benefits for your body.

“Fix” Problems in your Body

It’s not just your typical massage. A therapist who is trained to do a remedial massage can assess your body and monitor any changes from time to time. Moreover, this therapist can even customize treatment plans depending on the case of the client.

Though it’s guaranteed to feel good, that’s not the main goal of this massage. The therapist can actually apply specific massage techniques to address the client’s body problems like injury and joint pain. Technically, the therapist aims to improve blood circulation and improve the client’s well-being.

Stress Relief

If you’re always stressed out from work and other activities of daily living, you definitely need a remedial massage. As it promotes a great feeling of calm and relaxation, your physical, mental and emotional stress are gradually alleviated. That’s why a lot of anxiety and stress management treatment programs include this kind of massage.

Massage engages the release of endorphins, the chemical that promotes positivity within the person. Stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are also reduced.

Boosts Immunity

Remedial massage is a great contributing factor in boosting one’s immunity. Since stress hormones are prevented from increasing, the immune system can work more accurately without any disruptions. Furthermore, massage improves lymphatic drainage and circulation, boosting the effectiveness of the immune system.

Improves Mental Alertness

This is self-understandable. As you enter the state of relaxation, decreasing your stress, you get to improve your state of alertness and your mental capacity is boosted.

Releases Pain and Muscle Tension

remedial massages

A well-trained remedial massage therapist can easily focus on body areas which are in pain, sore, injured and stiff. Through this massage, trigger points are released and muscles are stretched and elongated, thus, breaking down any adhesions.

This massage does not only offer pain relief, it also aids in getting rid of toxins in the body by releasing tension and improving blood flow.

Improved Joint Mobility

Through the release of muscle tension, one’s range of motion can be significantly improved. Without the stiffness in a joint, muscles can fully function to provide support to joint movement.

Improved Skin Tone

Yes, even skin tone can be improved with massage. With improved circulation and reduced tension in the skin, comes the improvement of nutritional cycle and cell regeneration is at its best.

Massage also stimulates the production of sebum. Therefore, skin is further softened and moisturized.

Bonus Benefits

Although not proven, certain studies have revealed that remedial massage can also contribute to the relief of symptoms of various illnesses. Such diseases include constipation, chronic pain, high blood pressure, arthritis, back pain, anxiety, depression, headache and insomnia.