Smile design dentistry refers to a specialty by dentists that aims to improve their patient’s appearance and looks by modifying their dental structure. A perfect smile can be achieved through dental procedures that include dental fillings, teeth whitening, correcting teeth alignment, and many other cosmetic dentistry services. Go to and read more about how you can attain the bright smile that you’ve always wanted.


Principles Of Smile Designing

Dentists take on new challenges day by day in attempting to provide the best services that will significantly improve their patient’s smiles. The challenge does not end there at all, each patient has a unique dental structure and needs which means that doctors need to design a specific dental plan for each one of them.

close up white teethPatients go to the dental office with several concerns regarding their dental health. Apart from wanting to correct their teeth structure, they also want to add some cosmetic dentistry services to fully achieve the looks that they desire. This is something that dentists actually do enjoy, they like to treat patients with extreme dental problems and are looking forward to drastic changes in their appearance. However, the more changes and services you want to avail, the longer it will take for the results to show up. Dentists need adequate time to examine and analyze your teeth and facial aesthetics to avoid unexpected outcomes.


Smile Design Process

Initial consultation. This is the first step in smile designing. If you wish to improve the appearance of your smile, head on to your trusted dental office and discuss your concerns with the dentist. In this stage, the dentist will study your dental and medical records as well as your treatment histories. It’s the stage where he will be able to acquire information about your desire to have your smile designed through cosmetic dentistry. Expect to be asked multiple questions as the dentist need to understand why you want to do specific dental procedures.

You might feel a little overwhelmed during the consultation, some people tend to feel nervous and anxious. This is the reason why dentists typically take their time talking with patients. After all, they can learn plenty of things about your mouth and teeth by just observing you as you speak. Smile design dentistry is a crucial process that needs thorough examination, so do not expect to receive a dental service right on your first visit.

Dentists need to consider your reasons as to why you want to undergo a smile designing process. They understand that this is a very personal decision to make that involves emotional causes and that you have made this decision prior to visiting the dental office. Some of the things that your doctor might ask will include the following:

  • When did this problem start to occur?
  • What are the things that you noticed when the problem started?
  • What made you decide to undergo smile designing?
  • How do you feel about your current smile?
  • How do you want it to look after the procedure?
  • What are your expectations?

Most of the time, the patient’s reasons are personal and emotional. But that should not stop you from sharing your concerns with the dentist. Be open when you are conversing with them so they can help you the best way they can.


Before Treatment Photos. After the interview, the dentist will ask for your dental photos to be taken. The photos will help you point out your teeth concerns more accurately and you will be able to express your desired outcome. In comparison to explaining yourself through a mirror, dental photos are more informative.


Physical Exam. Apart from the current status of your teeth, your dentist will also conduct a physical examination to determine if you are fit for the smile design treatment. The combined results of your intraoral and extraoral examination, periodontal tests, oral screening, and TMJ examination will show if your mouth is prepared to receive cosmetic dentistry treatment. If problems occur, the dentist will prioritize fixing the teeth problem before he plans out the new design for your smile.


dentist explaining to a patientTreatment Options. Once everything is settled, your dentist will discuss the design and treatment options for you to choose from. He will discuss each treatment carefully and thoroughly to make sure that you understand the pros and cons of each of them. Take note that all dental procedures are at risk of few complications so do not be surprised if the dentist will also discuss the possible problems that might arise following your smile design procedure. However, he will also discuss alternative options that might include other dental specialties to ensure optimal results. At this point, the cost and expenses for each treatment will also be discussed with you in case you have budget concerns. If you have dental insurance, it would be much better to check on your provider the types of services that they cover so you can prepare for the fees.


Things to Consider

Smile design dentistry does not only focus on the appearance of the teeth, in fact, it considers all factors that contribute to your smile. You can go to this page to see options for a smile makeover. The following components are always taken into consideration to make the design of your smile outstanding:

  • Teeth color. If your teeth are showing visible signs of discoloration, the dentist might recommend a professional teeth whitening procedure.
  • Alignment and spaces. The perfect smile can be achieved once the crooks, chips, and gaps between your teeth are treated as well.
  • Missing teeth. Your missing teeth can be replaced with crowns, bridges, and many more.