While it has not always been the case in every country and across all eras, beautiful straight white teeth are seen as a symbol of health and beauty nowadays. Visit the dentists from Beyond 32’s clinic in Cherrybrook and receive dental treatment to give you a beautiful smile. Having straight white teeth are difficult to attain. Calcium deposits, food that stains, and the natural different coloration of teeth can affect how white your teeth are. Of course, there are many ways to maintain your teeth beautifully and white: do not eat foods that can stain them like coffee, tea or wine and brush your teeth right away after you do, practice correct hygiene and go to the dentist at least once a year, eat as healthily as possible. But probably the best, fastest solution for white teeth is teeth bleaching.

Teeth bleaching comes in many shapes and forms: you can get do-it-yourself kits that also come in different shapes and forms (whitening stripes, bleaching toothbrushes, dental bleaching home kits…) or try natural remedies like eating foods that can bleach the teeth, like strawberries, pineapples, apples or other acidic foods. Simple remedies like activated charcoal toothpaste can also help but have the downside of stripping down teeth enamel and causing sensitive teeth.

teeth bleachingHowever, the most efficient solution for teeth bleaching is professional teeth bleaching. You can get it for roughly $500 a session, and the total cost will depend on the products your dentist uses, how stained your teeth are, and the general health of your mouth and each session is short and produces noticeable results. Professional teeth bleaching is also not permanent. You’ll have to adopt good habits to keep them as white as possible.

So, no matter what solution you choose, the foolproof answer for a confident smile full of pearly whites is healthy habits all around, visiting your dentist regularly, giving up smoking, drinking and teeth-staining foods and most importantly flaunting your beautiful smile often!