The gap between the two teeth is usually called diastema. It has a tendency of occurring between the two front teeth in most people. It doesn’t look very attractive. Therefore, some people prefer teeth bonding for gaps. This helps to bridge the gap and enhance their look. It also restores a more beautiful smile. Hence, teeth bonding treatment is highly suitable for those candidates who aren’t confident about their appearance because of the space between their teeth. If you’re considering teeth bonding you can visit for a proper price quotation.


Teeth bonding is a dental procedure that is used to close gaps between teeth using composite resin materials. This process is not complicated. It’s very effective and is always completed within a very short period of time.

The dentist chooses a bonding material that is similar to the patient’s teeth. Afterward, he will etch the tooth surface and apply a conditioning sort of liquid. This is to facilitate easier bonding of the gaps. It will also make the bonding to be very strong.

The dentist ensures the bonding material is shaped appropriately. He then uses ultraviolet light to harden this bonding. He’s supposed to polish and smoothen it completely. This will help to prevent the patient from any form of irritation. teeth bonding for gaps

However, this procedure isn’t a permanent procedure. This is because the bonding material isn’t very strong and durable. One may require repairs after a certain period of time. It’s always recommended to follow the dentist advice after the exercise.


Proper oral hygiene should be strictly practiced before and after the procedure. This will help to maintain healthy and fresh breath throughout. After the teeth bonding, you should also avoid taking strong drinks like tea, coffee, wine and even smoking cigarettes. This is because they may stain the composite resin, making it appear yellowish.

However, some materials like porcelain veneers don’t easily stain. Therefore, it’s good to seek the dentist or any other professional healthcare guide opinion before the procedure. Generally, teeth bonding for gaps is good and effective oral exercise.