What are teeth overlay procedures and when would you need to go to your dentist for one? This article will focus on teeth overlay and its uses. If you think you might need to undergo restorative treatment for your teeth, go to www.lyndarumdentist.com.au to read about these procedures.


What are teeth overlays?

A dental overlay is a treatment that is meant to repair teeth that have been worn down by the normal wear and tear of usage. This treatment method is a cross between a dental crown and a filling. This is because it would be smaller than a dental crown, and would only usually occupy the middle part of the affected tooth, much a little a dental filling, but a little bigger. 

The purpose of a dental overlay is for it to cover the part of the tooth that has broken away. It is placed on the tooth, to fill up the nooks and crannies that need to be repaired.


Types of dental overlays

Cosmetic overlays. These are overlays that are placed on teeth to restore the beauty of the tooth. These types of overlays are placed on top of the tooth, to hide the part that is discolored, oddly shaped or sized. A dental veneer is a good example of this type of dental overlay. This first type of dental overlay is a cosmetic procedure and is used for the sake of aesthetic appeal. Dental insurance will not usually cover the costs for this type of teeth overlays.


Restorative overlays. The second type of dental overlay is the restorative type. These overlays are used to restore teeth to be able to function properly after wear and tear. These overlays would be placed on the teeth to fill up any gaps that prevent the teeth from fully functioning the way they should. Since these are restorative procedures, there is a chance that dental insurance will cover the costs, however, you should verify this with your dentist and your dental insurance provider to be sure.


teeth overlay

What are teeth overlay procedures used for?

In general, teeth overlay procedures are done to repair teeth to their former glory. As people get older, there are instances when they would bite into foods that are too hard for their teeth to handle, causing the teeth to crack and sometimes even break under extreme pressure. These are where dental overlays come in. They work to repair damage to the tooth caused by braking or cracking as well as damage that is caused by tooth decay.


Do you need a teeth overlay?

If you feel that your teeth require dental overlays, you can approach your dentist. They will be able to tell you if the treatment is right for your damaged tooth, or if they will recommend another type of restorative treatment, such as a dental crown, veneer or dentures.

If you have a broken tooth, it is wise to contact your dentist right away. Especially if your teeth have a sharp or jagged edge, the edge can hurt your gums or tongue if you do not get treatment for the tooth right away.