The perfect smile is probably one of the best assets one can possess. It can literally enhance your looks despite feeling haggard and stressed throughout the day. But what if your perfect smile suddenly fades due to an accident? Lucky for us, many dentists are offering orthodontic treatments to straighten your teeth and remove marks of crooked teeth.


Importance of The Perfect Smile

Crooked teeth, tooth loss, teeth stains, and others can a huge impact on how your smile looks. Thankfully, modern cosmetic dentistry is continuously developing treatments and procedures to improve our smile as well as our oral health. Aside from the fact that a perfect smile can drastically enhance your appearance, it also poses many benefits and advantages either on your dental or psychological health.

It is important to have a perfect smile due to the following reasons:

  1. You’ll look better. As mentioned, it will remove the unpleasant look of crooked teeth, stains, and other deformities.
  2. When you look better, you feel better. This is one of the psychological effects of having a perfect smile. You will feel more confident about yourself.whitening for perfect smile
  3. You smile more and in return, you receive more smiles than usual. Making you look more approachable and friendly.
  4. People will be curious about your newfound confidence. This is a good way to promote self-love and oral care procedures by cosmetic dentistry.
  5. It helps you stay positive. A perfect smile can basically make you feel positive all the time.
  6. It’s an asset that you can be proud of. A lot of people are quite attracted to a perfect smile. In fact, most men find it attractive if a woman has bright and healthy teeth.


Perfect Smile By Cosmetic Dentistry

Proper oral care and hygiene play a vital role in maintaining a perfect smile. However, professional procedures can provide more noticeable changes in your teeth to improve your appearance.

The team of Glebe Dental near Ultimo advises that the treatments listed below must always be performed by a licensed dentist in the office to ensure optimal results and safe procedures:

  • Bonding. This is a treatment that aims to correct minimal chips in the teeth or minor shaping problems. Professional whitening often comes after this procedure for a brighter smile.
  • Veneers. Veneers are probably one of the most expensive tooth enhancement procedures. These are porcelain facades designed to cover the deformities in the teeth such as uneven shape, discoloration, and small chips.
  • Orthodontics. Orthodontics aims to correct bite issues with the help of braces, retainers, and Invisalign. Aside from its aesthetic purposes, these are done in order to restore functions as well.
  • Gum contouring. Gum contouring is a treatment to improve gum appearance. Once it’s done, you will be able to smile better.
  • Teeth whitening. Complete your procedure with a teeth whitening treatment and see how a perfect set of teeth can magically transform you. Perfect white teeth can make you look beautiful despite your imperfections.


Tips to Improve Your Smile

Dentists always try to find better solutions to dental problems. As for us, it is our responsibility to guarantee that our dental health is in great shape. We can maintain our perfect smile by doing simple things regularly such as follows:

  1. Floss every day. Dental flossing helps in preventing plaque build-up. this is an essential oral care regimen that prevents tooth decay which might result in tooth loss. Do this procedure after you brush your teeth.
  2. Visit your dentists’ clinic every 6 months. Seeing your dentist according to the schedule will protect you from periodontal disease. Office check-ups are essential so that your dentist can examine your mouth to see if it’s at risk of certain dental problems.
  3. Avoid smoking. Smoking has been liked to several oral issues such as teeth stains and tooth decay. If you wish to maintain that perfect smile of yours, quit smoking as soon as possible.
  4. Avoid drinks like coffee, tea, and wine. These kinds of beverages can cause teeth stains which can significantly leave your teeth yellowish over time.
  5. Use toothpaste and mouthwash with fluoride. Fluoride is an element that protects the teeth from cavities and bacteria. In line with this, pick a toothbrush of good quality and soft bristles.
  6. Always drink plenty of water. Water is a beneficial fluid that helps us stay hydrated and healthy in general. Drinking it regularly will flush away the accumulated acids in your mouth that often causes tooth decay.


For senior patients…

Seniors can still have a perfect smile even when their teeth are not as many as when they were younger. For patients that have lost their teeth and would like to know more about cosmetic dental solutions visit today.