Dental implants are used for restorative practices in your teeth. If you have missing teeth, the gap has to be replaced with a dental implant. There are 3 types of dental implants materials, titanium, zirconia and porcelain. Titanium should be the cheapest. But if you’re curious to know how much are titanium tooth implants, it may also vary upon the complexity of your case. See your dentist so you’d be provided with the right quote.

Dental implants are composed of three components;
• Crown – this part is designed just like the tooth. It is usually made of the ceramic material
• Connector – it is used to secure the crown to the base of the implant.
• Base – this is a screw that secures the implant to the bone.

Materials used in dental implants

Titanium has been the most preferred material for making dental implants, but with the advancement of technology, more materials can now be used as dental implants. There needs to be more research on how this material could affect clinical operations. Dental implants should be strong enough to withstand the chewing process. They should be resistant to fracturing and corrosion. The most important factor is that they should be bio-compatible for maximum comfort.

There are at least three materials that are now commercially used to make dental implants

  1. Titanium dental implants – one of the properties of titanium is types of dental implants materialsthat it allows the bone to grow next to it. Titanium is used in the manufacture of the connector. The result of this is that you get a permanent affinity. It is also cheaper than the other materials, that’s why it is the most sought after material for dental implant.
  2. Zirconia dental implants – zirconia is a ceramic material. Research has shown that zirconia when fused with titanium, and the results show that it makes the dental implant very strong when attached to the jaw bone.
  3. Porcelain – they are primarily used in the manufacture of the crown. This material makes the dental implant as natural as possible. It is white in color and also very strong on the surface. Nobody will notice the difference.


Research is still ongoing on the best materials for dental implants. The best properties of a dental implant are that they should be robust, non-corrosive and they should appear natural. This is what you should consider when choosing your dental implants.