Teeth straightening surgery has become fairly normal in today’s society. However, it is still a surgery and can still feel daunting when you know you want it, but are worried about procedural issues or the recovery time of the surgery. This type of surgery can fix both the alignment of your teeth and any jaw issues that may be present. Considering, a lot of braces cannot fix problems with the jaw, it may be a good alternative if you are going to need surgery either way.

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Some of you may be wondering, why would you choose a surgery to straighten your teeth when you could wear braces or perhaps get Invisalign. Well, the answer is, surgery can help quicken the time it takes for your teeth to be straightened. You may still need braces or Invisalign afterward, however it is for a far shorter time period. And come on, who wants to wear braces for years, especially if you are an adult and it way past the time people typically wear them.


Some benefits of teeth straightening surgery include:

  • Teeth Straightening Surgery

    Straighter teeth within months rather than years. After a surgery, you may have to wear braces for a few months after, however, after that mark, the typical patient is done.

  • It is the same cost as braces, however, is a much faster alternative.
  • This dental procedure is common among adults.
  • The pain is not as prolonged as with braces.
  • Speed is an obvious advantage.
  • This procedure is effective in almost most cases
  • The problem is fixed at the source.
  • Having straight teeth leads to a better smile and a healthy mouth.

Disadvantages of the surgery include:

  • Surgery
  • No long-term studies have been done. Meaning, it is unknown how long the results may last for, and some of the after-effects of the surgery. As with braces, there could be long-term gum damage and other problems that may vary from individual.