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Facts About Jaw and Facial Pain

If you have jaw and facial pain, you are not alone. Many adults suffer from symptoms such as pain in the jaw and around the ear, clicks or sounds when opening and/or closing the mouth, and neck pain. There are two jaw joints called TMJ (temporomandibular joints) and various muscles and nerves, tendons and ligaments that make it possible to open and close the mouth.

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Benefits Of Teeth Straightening Surgery

Teeth straightening surgery has become fairly normal in today’s society. However, it is still a surgery and can still feel daunting when you know you want it, but are worried about procedural issues or the recovery time of the surgery. This type of surgery can fix both the alignment of your teeth and any jaw issues that may be present. Considering, a lot of braces cannot fix problems with the jaw, it may be a good alternative if you are going to need surgery either way.

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