Any dental emergency can cause serious complications and permanent damage if not handled by a dental specialist immediately. Some of these emergencies can be common while others are infrequent.

Here’s a quick outline of the everyday oral urgencies that anybody can face:

• An abscess that affects the bleeding or swallowing
• Accidents including:
-A cracked or knocked out a tooth with non – stop bleeding
-Serious gum injuries caused by broken braces and wires
• An infected root canal
• Any pain is exceeding your pain tolerance which can be caused by an infected tooth etc..

While some of the emergencies can be common, others can be infrequent, and it can involve:

• Surgical complications post tooth extraction and implantation.
• Accidents causing jaw-dislocation affecting your teeth

These are some ways of handling an oral crisis before your dentist visit.

1) If an abscess is bleeding or affecting your breathing or swallowing, you need to rinse your mouth with warm salt-water and then apply a moistened gauze or a tea bag to the affected area.

2) If your teeth are broken or knocked out and bleeding, you need to rinse your mouth with warm water and then apply a gauze for ten minutes or until the bleeding stops. You can also you a cold compress on the outside of the mouth.

3) If a wire breaks or sticks out of the braces band poking your cheek or gum, you need to use a small cotton ball or a gauze to cover the end of the wire and move it away in a more comfortable position

4) In case of an infected tooth or any pain exceeding your pain tolerance, apply a cold compress on the cheeks and seek immediate medical help.

Ignoring immediate medical care can lead to extensive and expensive treatment later on.