Veneers are basically used to cover your teeth to improve their appearance. They are custom designed to suit one’s teeth and are placed on the outer surface of the teeth. You can read more about veneers and other option for a better smile by clicking this link.

What material is used to make veneers? Porcelain veneers are the most common. However, other resin composite materials can be used when porcelain isn’t available. Porcelain is mostly preferred to resin materials since it does not get stains easily. Also, porcelain has a property that helps it have the appearance of real natural teeth as this is the most important for most people.

What are dental veneers used for? dentist trying to match porcelain veneers to patientPeople choose dental veneers to fix various dental problems. Some of the uses are:

  • Used to close gaps between teeth.
  • Used to cover broken teeth.
  • Used to align crooked teeth.
  • Used as a cover for stained teeth.

Why choose veneers?  Porcelain veneers tend to resist stains so you don’t have to worry about them staining. They tend to mimic the appearance of a natural tooth hence not many people will notice you have them.

What you need to know before opting for this procedure

Veneers do not necessarily prevent tooth decay- your tooth can still suffer a cavity. If you have decayed teeth, gum infection, weak teeth, and other teeth complications, veneers may not be the best option for you. Consult your dentist in Woden for more info.

Veneers cannot be repaired once damaged or broken. Once you get veneers, you can’t get them off your teeth.

Veneers can increase tooth sensitivity. The procedure can tend to be costly It will be a bad idea to grind your teeth after having veneers as this can damage them.

Teeth color can’t be altered after placing veneers.